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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Assalamualaikum.. pagi sabtu yg redup dan hujan renyai2 di kawasan anis.. bagaimana dengan tempat korang semua? haa.. pagi2 sabtu nie nak fefeeling jap.. anis jumpa cerita ni dekat fb.. anis share dengan korang.. :) jemput baca2.. :D

MUST READ... Very touching story...
Boy: Hi baby!! How are you? I'm so happy today!!
Girl: Wait, I'll text you later, I'm still busy with my thesis.
Boy: Can you do it later? Letter talk first.. I miss you so much baby.
Girl: I have to finish this on time, you know that.
Boy: Please baby, just this once? You can finish that tomorrow.
Girl: What???? Can't you understand this is my project!? Can't you give me time for myself?? COULD YOU PLEASE? I ALSO HAVE MY OWN LIFE..LET ME LIVE FOR MYSELF FOR ONCE! STOP TEXTING ME!
Boy: Sorry baby. I love you very very much. I'll just text you later.
Boy: Hi baby, I can't stay long not texting you. I really wanted to talk to you.. I want us to be happy again.
Boy: Hi baby, still you are not responding to my texts. How's your thesis?
Boy: Baby... Please response,I'm worried already..
Boy: Baby it's already 10pm.. It's been 2 hours but you are still not replying to my text. I miss you already...i love you so much!
Boy: Uhm baby.. I love you so much.. I'm just here for you always.. The time is near that we'll always be together..
Girl: Didn't I tell you I'll text you after I'm done with my thesis?! Can't you understand that?!?! Why is it so hard for you to get that I'm BUSY?? It's like there's no are overreacting..WILL YOU JUST SLEEP??
Boy: Sorry baby.. Ok.Goodnight baby..I love you..Take care of yourself always..I'll always here to guide you..I'm just here..I'll never leave you. ......the NEXT DAY....
Girl: Baby, wake up..Sorry about what I've said last night..i was just really your breakfast baby, I'll be going to school now..
Girl: Wake up baby, you still have classes to attend..text me when you're awake..
Girl: Hey, why until now you're not texting? It's already our lunch break..why didn't you attend your classes? Don't you have phone credits? Please text me..
Boy: He left us son left me already..your boyfriend left you..he alreadyleft those who are dear to him..Did he tells you he's sick? This was the 3rd year his doctor gave him...we thought it wasn't true..Because no one can predict how long a person can
live in this world..but to our surprised, his heart didn't make it too..We tried towake him up this morning but he never responded... There was a message for you in
his phone but he wasn't able to send it.. ""Take care of yourself always, I'm happy where I am going..please, don't cry..I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my condition..i don't want
to bother you because I know how busy you are with your thesis..i don't wanna add up to your worries..I'm not sure if I'm lucky enough to still have a chance to wake up tomorrow but I'm always praying that He'll give me a chance to see you and be with you
everyday of my life..I love you so much...I regret that we didn't have a
chance to talk longer today..but I understand might fail on your thesis if you won't be able to finish it..I'm really really sorry...and I love you very very much..Please, promise me you'll be strong..I'm by your side now..I'll always be here..

p/s : moral of the story.. hargailah orang yg sentiasa menghargai kita..contohnya ibu bapa kita.. :) nanti apabila mereka sudah tiada, kita takkan rasa menyesal kerana tidak menghargainya.. cerita ni tak semestinya untuk pasangan bercinta.. moral story nie yg penting..peacee.. :D senyum senyum selalu..

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4 Pengulasan

  1. sedihnya kisah dia.. betul tu.. masa ada, kita tak hirau. bila dah ada, baru nak cari, baru nak menyesal :'(

  2. lumrah manusia..dah hilang baru nak hargai :(

  3. Bila org tersayang dah takder baru la kita nak ambik tahu...
    Masa mereka ada kita tak nak ambil tahu ..



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